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Brexit SHOCK: Remainer Gina Miller admits no deal Brexit could soon be ONLY option for UK

Brexit SHOCK: Remainer Gina Miller admits no deal Brexit could soon be ONLY option for UK

REMAINER Gina Miller has admitted that if MPs do not come to an agreement on Brexit then a no deal exit from the European Union will be the “only legal outcome” for Britain as she pleaded for a second Brexit referendum.

Prime Minister announced she was pulling a crucial vote at the last minute on Monday afternoon, telling MPs if it went ahead the deal “would be rejected by a significant margin”. Speaking to BBC News, Ms Miller has said no deal Brexit is on that cards as she called for Britons to face a second referendum, despite the vote of 17.4 million Britons to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum.

We cannot carry on with this waste

Gina Miller

She said: “I can’t see that there is any outcome that is going to create a solution to this. If they can’t by the 21 January then it has to be put back to the people. We cannot carry on with this waste.

“We are not looking after our country. We are wasting money doing all of this. We are wasting time. And the rest of the world is looking on at us thinking ‘what is going on? This country that we used to respect is now just in chaos’.”

Ms Miller, who rose to prominence after challenging the British Government on whether they could trigger Article 50 without the consent of Parliament in 2017, also said MPs are heading towards a no deal Brexit.

The Remain campaigner said: “I think what MPs firstly need to do is realise that whilst they say this phrase that there is no majority in Parliament for no deal, they have to understand that legally if there is not an agreed outcome, then no deal is probably the only legal outcome.

Brexit news EU UK latest deal vote Gina Miller

Brexit news: Gina Miller said no deal could soon be only option for MPs (Image: GETTY•BBC)

“So, they have got to wake up to that reality.

“And they have got to try and get to a place where they can agree something with a majority.

“But at the moment, there is no majority for anything in that House.”

The Prime Minister has been in Europe today in a bid for EU leaders to offer last-minute concessions on her Brexit deal amid growing calls for a confidence vote on her leadership.

MPs will vote on Mrs May’s Brexit deal by January 21 at the latest, Cabinet Office Minister David Liddington has said.

The de facto deputy PM told the Commons that Mrs May wants to bring a revised deal back before the House before that date if possible.

But Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has urged Mrs May to revoke Brexit. The Irish Taoiseach said Britain can remove the threat of a no deal Brexit by revoking or extending its notice to quit the bloc.

He told Ireland’s parliament: “Everybody wants to avoid a no deal scenario and the United Kingdom has the power to withdraw the threat of no deal from us, from their own people and from the European Union.

“They can do it by revoking Article 50 or if that is a step too far, they can do it by seeking an extension to Article 50 so the power is there in the United Kingdom to remove the threat of no deal.”

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