AS Roma Brilliantly Respond To Reports That Players Celebrated After Drawing FC Porto

AS Roma Brilliantly Respond To Reports That Players Celebrated After Drawing FC Porto

AS Roma finished runners-up to Real Madrid in Group G of the Champions League, but they avoided some pretty big guns as they eventually drew FC Porto.

Cause for celebration?

Well, Sky Italia claimed that the AS Roma team screamed in celebration after drawing FC Porto.

“Sky Italy reporting a big scream of celebration at Roma training ground when players saw the draw v Porto,” Tancredi Palmeri reported.

This is far from the truth.

AS Roma, renown for being very active on social media, brilliantly refuted such claim with an outstanding response.

“Pretty hard for the players to scream in celebration when the squad isn’t even at Trigoria today…”

“A late contender for the Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards? “.

Superb. Needless to say, it sent social media into overdrive:

Francesco Totti, who was in attendance at the Champions League draw ceremony, admitted his side are lucky to have not drawn other teams, though is aware of not underestimating the Portuguese club.

“We were lucky enough to not draw other teams, but we must not underestimate Porto, who is a strong team. We will face a difficult team – we all know what we see on the pitch is different than what is discussed off it it,” he said.

Will AS Roma beat FC Porto and reach the Champions League quarter-finals? Watch this space.

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