James Milner Sends Shirts To Two Kids Who Gave Up His Matchday Shirt

James Milner sent shirts to two young Liverpool fans after the boys gave up the chance to have his matchday shirt just so an 81 year old celebrating his birthday could have it instead.

At the end of a big game of football players often swap shirts with each other as a sign of respect. It’ll often be two players who have been in direct opposition with each other, unless you’re playing against Barcelona in which case everyone just tries to nab Lionel Messi’s.

A nicer tradition is at the end of games that aren’t so big when players go over to fans and give their shirts away to those who follow them home and away.

In recent times fans can often be seen with signs at games asking for a specific players shirt, in hope of catching their attention amongst thousands asking for the same.

At the end of Liverpool’s game with Wolves on Friday night James Milner decided to give his shirt away to two young fans but the young gents spotted another fan, who was celebrating his 81st birthday, who was hoping for a shirt and they decided to give it up in a lovely gesture.

One fan tries to help get a Liverpool shirt. Image: PA Images

One fan tries to help get a Liverpool shirt. Image: PA Images

Learning of the wonderful gesture the former England midfielder decided to make sure that the two kids still managed to get their hands on a shirt with his name on.

And the dad of the two chaps is making sure that this time the shirts will remain in their possession, it’s only fair after all.

Last season Andrew Robertson made sure another young Liverpool fan got a signed shirt, admittedly one from Roberto Firmino, after finding out about the youngster’s extremely generous decision to donate his pocket money to a food bank.

Clearly the Liverpool players are really good chaps, it warms the heart.

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