Juan Mata Produces Heartwarming Gesture To Young Manchester United Fan

Juan Mata Produces Heartwarming Gesture To Young Manchester United Fan

Juan Mata already has a reputation for being one of football’s good guys and the Manchester United midfielder just increased his reputation by keeping to his promise of turning up to a fan’s football training.

Sometimes footballers get a bad reputation for the smallest of things, literally some of them get criticised for shopping at Poundland and some get criticised for spending lots of money on their mum- weirdly sometimes this is the same footballer.

But for all the terrible heinous crimes a majority of footballers commit, no crimes is generally the amount, some footballers are actually good eggs.

Juan Mata might actually be the goodest of eggs around. The Manchester United midfielder started an initiative called ‘Common Goal’ where he, and several others who have signed up, have promised at least 1% of their wages to charity.

Footballers such as Kasper Schmeichel, Giorgio Chiellini, Mats Hummels and Alex Morgan have joined up to the initiative.

The former two time Chelsea player of the year has certainly done a lot for charity but it seems he never stop giving.

The latest story about the 30 year old comes from an under 12s team. Mata promised to turn up to their training after hearing about one of the players losing his dad and in typical fashion he turned up.

It’s a surprise that Mata is still at Old Trafford. He was one of Chelsea’s main players when Jose Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge for his second spell but was sold to Manchester United not long after he arrived as only one of two signings by David Moyes.

When Mourinho moved to United following Louis van Gaal’s sacking it was expected that the former Valencia player might be one of the first players out of the door.

The former Real Madrid youngster ended up playing nearly 100 times in the two and a half seasons that Mourinho was at the club, although most of his football was on the right wing.

How long he stays at United is still up in the air but you feel like for just being a top bloke he’ll always be a fan’s favourite.

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