Watch Bill Hader in first footage from Barry season 2

When we last saw hitman-trying-to-become-an-actor-but-still-killing-people Barry Block, he had taken out the detective who was on to his murderous ways. But now in season 2 of the HBO dark comedy Barry, Barry (Bill Hader) seems to be stepping up his identity crisis.

HBO has released a teaser for season 2 containing new footage, and in it, you can see Barry struggle to write a monologue, prowl around on a deadly mission, be told by acting teacher Gene (Henry Winkler) that “there is inherent darkness” in him, startle girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg), with a show of force on stage, and have a heart-to-heart with Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan).

“Am I evil — like an evil person?” Barry asks Hank. “Yes!” admiringly responds Hank. “You are like the most evil, bad-ass person I know. Do I not tell you that enough?”

When asked for a tease of season 2 after the season 1 finale, co-creator Alec Berg told EW: “As Barry gets more emotionally enlightened and he starts to take apart his own psyche in pursuit of being an actor, he’s going to look deeper and find things that maybe he’s not prepared to deal with. And I think he’s always asked this question of himself: ‘How was I able to do all of these things and not completely come apart? What is it about the way my brain works that let me do these things?’ Not every Marine that comes back from Afghanistan becomes a contract killer; why him?”

Both Hader and Winkler earned Emmys for their work in season 1. The show returns this spring.

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