At exactly 2 pm EST/11 am PST, the Fortnite community was allowed to hop into a game to watch a live in-game concert from the worldwide EDM DJ, Marshmello, and it was a party nobody wanted to miss!

Epic Games has been teasing a concert in Pleasant Park for several days, including challenges players could unlock that offered Marshmello-specific rewards like a Marshmello pickaxe.

Players could hop into a LTM called “Showtime” where Fortnite fans were dropped right around Pleasant Park with a large countdown timer.

To help fight trolls, all players would have invincibility so eliminations would not stop people from enjoying the show within a few minutes of the show.

On January 2, at 2 pm EST, the Fortnite community crowded around the stage as Marshmello appeared along with the intro of his song “Alone”.

The entire stage was full of LEDs, and even holographic dancers in the Cuddle Team Leader skin!

A video posted by the esports organization NRG shows the beginning of the concert along with Marshmello’s appearance:

RAGER at Pleasant Park! @marshmellomusic put on a SHOW! #Fortnite

— NRG Esports (@NRGgg) February 2, 2019

One of the best parts about the virtual concert was that players were sent flying around the “seating” area during the bass drop of “Chasing Colors”.

This was absolutely incredible.

Regardless of your opinion on Fortnite, having live in-game events to THIS scale is insane! This was the coolest thing I’ve seen in gaming in SO LONG! Thank you @marshmellomusic & @FortniteGame for continuing to push boundaries!

— Jon (@MrDalekJD) February 2, 2019

Marshmello’s virtual concert isn’t the first, however, as Minecraft held a virtual festival called Coalchella.

According to Blake Robbins, Marshmello’s Pleasant Park party might have broken the record for most people watching a concert with over 550,000 viewers on Twitch and over 800,000 on YouTube.

Early Twitch + YouTube viewership numbers for the @marshmellomusic concert.

Twitch: 571K

YouTube: 807K

— Blake Robbins (@blakeir) February 2, 2019

If you missed the concert and want to see what it was all about, you can watch the entire video here thanks to Carbonate_water on the FortniteBR subreddit.

Marshmello’s event was definitely successful as fans around social media continue to express how impressed they were by the virtual concert!

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