SpaceX Will Soon Pour Pavement for Starhopper Launchpad

Brian Wang |
February 13, 2019 |

Austin Barnard reports that SpaceX will soon pour the pavement for the StarHopper Launchpad.

The Starhopper should begin hop tests in March. They will test three Raptor engines with flights up to just short of 5000 meters in height.

Those tests will be followed by an orbital version of the Starship upper stage and then the Super Heavy booster. The Starship upper stage the Super Heavy Booster will be constructed from about April to July of 2019.

#SpaceX has appeared to be preparing to pour pavement, as well as smoothing the rightside of the vehicle. It is a waiting game until the new raptors and fairing are ready.

— Austin Barnard (@austinbarnard45) February 11, 2019

SOURCES – Twitter, Austin Barnard, Youtube

Written By Brian Wang

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