17-Year-old Murder Victim Taken To Match In Coffin By ​Cúcuta Ultras

17-Year-old Murder Victim Taken To Match In Coffin By ​Cúcuta Ultras

Football culture can be a bit weird sometimes and often we have South American football fans to thank for producing some of the most bonkers antics.

Take these Cúcuta Deportivo ‘Ultras’, who decided that you should still go the tame even though you’re not actually alive and well.

As brought to our attention by John Milton on Twitter, a portion of the Colombia outfit’s most passionate supporters carried the coffin of late 17 year old fan Christopher Jácome to the game against Envigado at the General Santander stadium.

The lad was killed whilst playing football a day before but his friends wanted him to ‘watch’ the match with them and took him from his home – getting permission from his family to do so.

Meanwhile, over in Argentina, a Racing Club fan celebrated their 18th Primera Division last week by bringing the skull of his deceased grandfather to the title party and it was really, really weird.

Football, bloody hell…

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