Shane McMahon And The Miz Fly From 15ft Scaffolding

Shane McMahon and The Miz gave everyone a Wrestlemania Moment to remember when they flung themselves from 15 foot in the air off scaffolding and onto the ground to end their ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ at Wrestlemania 35.

Usually the son of the owner of any company just picks up his pay cheque not doing too much, or gets a position in a company they don’t really deserve, or waits till their dad dies so they can take over, not Shane McMahon.

McMahon might be the son of billionaire Vince and a place in the offices as WWE would have been easy for him to take but instead he doesn’t shirk from the spotlight.

The 49 year old isn’t the best wrestler in the company, he doesn’t wrestle every week but when he does it’s always something to remember.

When Shane O’Mac was put on the card to face the Miz at Wrestlemania 35 in a Falls Count Anywhere match it was guaranteed to be exciting.

On Sunday night the pair made sure everyone would remember their match with one of the most dramatic finishes in a Wrestlemania match:

McMahon, who has a reputation for putting his body through incredible punishment in the few big matches he does have, has twice fallen from a Hell in a Cell and twice been thrown off scaffolding in the past.

The former Hardcore champion won the ‘World Cup’ tournament at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia last year when he replaced the injured Miz.

From there the pair became Smackdown Live tag team champions at this year’s Royal Rumble but lost them a month later at Fastlane to the Usos.

After the loss McMahon turned on his more in ring experienced partner.

During their match Miz really took things to his ‘boss’ but it was Shane who came out on top after the huge fall from the scaffolding.

Lord knows if McMahon will ever stop doing crazy stuff on the biggest nights, we kind of hope he doesn’t.

Ryan Sidle

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