Being diagnosed and undergoing treatment for cancer can be a harrowing experience, but gag manga author Isami Nakagawa has put his own personal spin on it with a new graphic novel entitled Heavy Particle Odyssey that is one part gourmet manga, one part tourism manga, and one part autobiographical manga describing his time undergoing radiotherapy at a hospital in Hyogo Prefecture.

Nakagawa was diagnosed with cancerous growths on his nose at the age of 51, and while undergoing treatment, he noted how surreal the juxtaposition was between the high-tech, science fiction-esque setting of the hospital and the humble surroundings of Hyogo Prefecture, where he would take walks and sample local delicacies in between treatment sessions. The 200 page book encompasses some 5 years of the author’s life, which Nakagawa describes as a “smiling while crying” experience.

Heavy Particle Odyssey is published in Japan by Shogakukan. The book was released on April 12, 2019, and it retails for 907 yen ($8.10 US) including tax.

Source: Comic Natalie

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