Newly-Drawn Jacket Illustration for Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II DVD/Blu-ray Revealed

Aniplex has revealed a jacket illustration for the perfect limited production edition of the DVD/Blu-ray of

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly to be released in Japan on August 21, 2019. The gorgeous

art is newly drawn by original character designer Takashi Takeuchi (coloring/finishing by Hirokazu Koyama). 

— Fate/stay night (@Fate_SN_Anime) 2019年5月31日

In addition, the bonus disc for the limited edition is confirmed to include over 100-minute footage 

from the stage greeting events by the staff and cast held in Tokyo and Kobe.

— Fate/stay night (@Fate_SN_Anime) 2019年5月31日

Following its first chapter presage flower in October 2017, lost butterfly, the second chapter of the trilogy

anime film project based on the third route of Type-Moon’s visual novel Fate/stay night was released in

131 theaters across Japan on January 12, and made an impressive 1.67 billion yen from the 1.08 million

ticket sales from its domestic run.  

— Fate/stay night (@Fate_SN_Anime) 2019年5月31日

“Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]Ⅱ.lost buttefly” DVD/Blu-ray

 – Release date: August 21, 2019

 – Price:

  Perfect limited production edition Blu-ray: 9,500 yen

  Regular edition Blu-ray: 5,800 yen

  Regular edition DVD: 4,800 yen

 – Subtitles: Japanese & English

 – Audio: 2ch & 5.1ch

 – Bonus footage: PVs and CMs

Source: Aniplex press release


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