Rejoice, fans of Dragon Ball and Toshiba refrigerators – a new VEGETA fridge is on the way with new functions!

Toshiba’s line of VEGETA refrigerators is nothing new. The company has been selling the fridges (so named because it’s got a special function for keeing veggies crisp and fresh) for quite a while, and the Dragon Ball character has long been a part of campaigns for new models. This time around, it’s a family affair with Bulma, Trunks, and Bulla in on the ad.

This time around, Toshiba is playing up the fridge’s ability to switch functions to keep meat, fish, and (especially) fruit its freshest. To that end, the new Twitter campaign is offering a pair of prizes. For the first third of the campaign, 30 retweeters who answer a quiz question correctly will get a selection of fresh fruit or a VEGETA tote back with three fruit salad bowls and wooden forks. Later prizes include vegetables and 1 kg cuts of meat.

The campaign kicks off today and runs in three stages until August 18.

>> Toshiba VEGETA Campaign

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