Huawei offers Special Warranty on smartphones if apps are not working

Huawei’s retail partners has announced a Special Warranty program which ensures continues use of Google applications and other apps on Huawei devices.

Amidst the US-China trade war and its restrictions to Huawei, the collective action of retailers’ new warranty program will ensure the safety of users’ accessibility to various applications such as Google apps (Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Photos, Chrome, and YouTube), Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If the mentioned apps are not running, there will be a 100% refund on the device.

Consumers can avail the warranty upon purchasing any current Huawei smartphones. Here are some of the participating retail partners that supports the warranty:

  • MemoXpress
  • Rulls
  • IntoGadgets
  • FoneRange
  • TekPone
  • Presnet
  • Intellicom
  • TechnoMobile
  • Guanzon Group of Companies

We’ll update the article once we receive the full list of participating stores.

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