China’s President Xi Jinping invokes ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’ in meeting with Trump and warns him him: ‘Cooperation and dialogue are better than friction and confrontation’

  • The president had his anticipated meeting with Xi Saturday in Osaka  
  • Xi told him both China and the U.S. ‘lose in a conformation’
  • He called for ‘cooperation and dialogue’
  • Trump has said the U.S. is winning the trade war and benefitting from tariffs 
  • He is threatening to impose $300 in additional tariffs amid the conflict
  • Seeks China’s help in pressuring North Korea to denuclearize 
  • China is the world’s No. 2 economic power 
  • It slapped tariffs on U.S. agriculture products after Trump tariffed Chinese steel and other items
  • Trump accuses China of ‘ripping off’ the United States 

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For In Osaka, Japan

Published: 22:59 EDT, 28 June 2019 | Updated: 23:15 EDT, 28 June 2019

President Donald Trump sat down with Chinese President Xi Jinping Saturday for talks amid an ongoing trade war – and received a admonition from his counterpart that ‘cooperation’ was better than ‘confrontation.’  

‘Cooperation and dialogue are better than friction and confrontation,’ the Chinese leader said at the top of a bilateral meeting Saturday in Osaka, acknowledging the escalating tit-for-tat on trade that has rattled financial markets.

‘China [and] United States both benefit from cooperation and lose in a conformation,’ Xi told him. 

The Chinese leader brought up the ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’ of 1971 that helped open the door to the historic reestablishment of U.S.-Chinese relations in 1979.

‘The small ball played a big role in moving world events,’ Xi said through a translator. 

U.S. President Donald Trump poses for a photo with China’s President Xi Jinping before their bilateral meeting during the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan, June 29, 2019

Trump responded to him in his own remarks: ‘We want to do something that will even it up with respect with trade,’ Trump said.

Trump referenced trade talks that broke off months ago, when he said on previous occasions China backed away from commitments it had made. He only alluded to that hold-up in his brief remarks before the global media.

‘I actually think that we were very close, but something happened where it slipped. It would be historic if we could do a fair trade deal. We are totally open to it,’ Trump said.  

Trump resisted the temptation to answer press questions amid the high stakes, not tipping his hand further and telling the media ‘thank you.’ 

In contrast to his glad-handing with Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday – where he smiled as he told Russia not to interfere in U.S. elections – Trump kept a serious expression on his face as he was photographed with Xi.

However as he often does, Trump expressed his admiration for Chinese culture and Xi.

‘We have had a lot of time together and we’ve become friends,’ Trump said.

Trump focused some of his remarks on his own experiences. ‘My trip to Beijing with my family has been one of the most incredible of my life,’ Trump said. ‘I’ve seen a culture that rarely would you see,’ he said, adding: ‘Chinese culture is an incredible culture.’

‘We’ve had a excellent relationship, but we want to do something that will even it up with respect with trade. I think it’s something that’s actually very easy to do,’ Trump said. 

The two leaders met as Trump is threatening to impose $300 in additional tariffs amid the escalating trade war.  

Trump said before the meeting: ‘At a minimum, it’ll be productive. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. It’ll be a very exciting day I’m sure. It’s going to come out hopefully well for both countries.’ 

Earlier he met with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and announced on Twitter he will visit the DMZ on a trip to South Korea.

Trump even said he may meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for ‘two minutes’ to shake hands – provided he is in his home country and wants to meet. 


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