‘I’m going to be in real trouble here!’ Lisa Wilkinson reveals her loosest moment on the Today show that never made it to air

By Mark Brook For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:06 EDT, 1 July 2019 | Updated: 00:06 EDT, 1 July 2019

During their decade hosting the Today show together, Lisa Wilkinson was the ‘straight man’ while Karl Stefanovic was the ‘larrikin’.

But there was one memorable incident when these roles were reversed and it was Lisa who almost went viral over an on-air blunder.

On Sunday, the 59-year-old Project host revealed she narrowly avoided YouTube infamy when she fell asleep during a live broadcast.  

Shocking revelation: The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson (pictured) shared a little secret about how she once narrowly avoided a major on-air gaffe while co-hosting the morning program

Lisa said the near-miss happened while Karl was conducting an on-air interview and she was momentarily resting her eyes off camera.

‘I was just sitting there, and I thought “if I don’t close my eyes for 10 seconds, I’m going to be in real trouble here”,’ Lisa told News.com.au.

‘I put my head down and tried to make it look like I was reading scripts on the computer, and then I felt myself go… and I jerked myself awake. 

‘So, yup, I have fallen asleep on air!’ 

Truth be told: Lisa said the near-miss happened while Karl was conducting an on-air interview and she was momentarily resting her eyes off-camera

Lisa has previously said that she doesn’t bother going to sleep after the Logies and just ‘pulls and all-nighter’ if she’s broadcasting early the next day. 

‘There’s no point in going to sleep. If I go to sleep and I get two hours and I will wake up and think, “Damn it, I haven’t had enough sleep”,’ she told The Sydney Morning Herald in April 2017.

‘I’m not much of a drinker, so I can do it,’ she added.

Time for a change! Lisa defected to Ten in 2017, after she claimed the early hours had finally gotten the better of her

When asked if she was told to be on her best behaviour at the Logies, Lisa replied: ‘No, I’m not the one that needs to be told that. You got the wrong person!’

Her comment was most likely in reference to Karl’s infamous drunk broadcast the morning after the 2009 Logie Awards. 

Lisa and Karl co-hosted the Today show for 10 years until she defected to Channel 10 in 2017 amid a gender pay gay scandal.

Live and unscripted! Lisa’s former Today co-host Karl Stefanovic infamously appeared ‘drunk’ during a post-Logies broadcast in 2009


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