No matter where you live, there are certain personalities that you can pretty much guarantee will pop up among a group of friends.

We all know the girl who can never say no to a party and the mama bear who feels it’s her duty to take care of everyone.

Not to mention the flaky friend who turns up late to everything, and a queen bee who needs her hair straighteners pried out of her hand to leave the house.

When new comedy Florida Girls airs on July 10 we will meet (from left to right) Jayla, Shelby, Erica, and Kaitlin, who embody the four key personalities from a best friend crew

So, inspired by the four friends in new comedy Florida Girls, which premieres next Wednesday July 10, here we give you a rundown of the four types of friends you’ll find in any close-knit group of women. 

The queen bee 

Every best friend crew has a Jayla. You’ll recognize this sort of queen bee in a second. She’s the one rocking a blowout, flawless manicure, and perfectly co-ordinated outfit – no matter what the occasion.

She’s a little bit bougie, and enjoys the finer things in life. You’ll find a queen bee hustling her way onto the guest list of a new club, signing up for a Saturday morning SoulCycle, or treating herself to a deep-cleansing facial.

Jayla: This Florida Girl is the queen bee of the group. She tries very hard to be classy, although often she doesn’t get it quite right

In the Florida Girls’ hometown you won’t find high-end spas, elite workout classes and trendy brunch spots. But this doesn’t stop Jayla, as she’s determined to live a champagne lifestyle on her malt liquor budget.

Even if that does mean letting her 60-year-old boyfriend pay her rent and ‘borrowing’ someone else’s electricity to power up her hair straighteners. Like any queen bee, she can be a little self-centred, but she’s super smart and undeniably fun. The ultimate hot mess. 

The flake

We all have that one friend who, no matter how hard she tries, just can’t seem to stick to plans. Just like Florida Girls’ Erica, this friend is well-meaning but also a hopeless flake.

She’s the girl who turns up an hour late for brunch, forgets to Venmo her share of the check, and whose phone always seems to have run out of battery. 

Erica: This Florida Girl is the flake of the group. She’s got no problem borrowing cash from her friends, and she often ‘conveniently’ forgets to pay them back

For Erica, being a flake means borrowing cash from her friends and ‘conveniently’ forgetting to pay them back. She’s also completely unreliable, often high, and acts like a total scavenger.

But although flakes can be irresponsible and unpredictable, they’re often pretty resourceful. Erica may have run out of money to pay the bills, but she manages to pawn away her ‘borrowed’ belongings to get the electricity back on.

Possibly not the most responsible behavior, but quick-witted nonetheless.  

The mama bear 

Just like Shelby from Florida Girls, the mama bear feels like she has to look after everyone. She’s the one you’ll find planning your night out, splitting the bill evenly, and then calling the Uber so that everyone gets home safely.  

Shelby has grown up as the caretaker in her household so she naturally assumes the role of mother among her friends. She’s the only one in the group who’ll get a ‘real’ job – even though she only manages to keep it one day – and scrounges together enough cash for them all to pay the bills.

Shelby: This Florida Girl has grown up as the caretaker in her household so she naturally assumes the role of mother to her friends

But Shelby is also a bit of a sheep, and she’s easily influenced to follow her friends’ disastrous plans, despite the fact that she probably should know better. 

Similar to Shelby, the moms in friendship groups tend to have ambition and drive, but they just need to learn not to put everyone else’s needs above their own all of the time.

The party girl    

Kaitlin brings the party to Florida Girls. She isn’t ready to take adulting seriously, and all she wants to do is drink and have a good time.  

Unsurprisingly, the party girl in every crew is the fun one. She will know where the hottest bands are playing, when the best happy hours start, and whose house parties are worth crashing.

Kaitlin: All this Florida Girl wants to do is drink and have a good time, and she doesn’t want anything to change, ever

This type of girl suffers from a serious case of FOMO. She’ll turn up to any and every event, and she’ll usually be the last to leave.  

Kaitlin takes being a party girl to the extreme. She is content to work as a mediocre bartender, so she can throw all of her energy into becoming a local legend for throwing the sickest parties. 

Kaitlin even has a Florida Forever tattoo (or she will once she can afford to get it finished).

She’s resistant to change, so the prospect of one of her friends leaving the group terrifies her – even though she will never admit it.   


The four Florida Girls were initially a five-friend crew. 

But when their friend Mandy moves away to follow her dreams, Shelby, Erica, Kaitlin and Jayla are forced to confront their own lives and realize it might be time to grow up. 

Over the course of ten episodes, new series Florida Girls will follow the friends as they negotiate the tricky world of adulting while living below the poverty line.

From holding down jobs and paying the bills to maintaining relationships, these four Florida Girls will attempt to navigate life’s many curveballs, and will come to realize just how important their friendship is.

Florida Girls will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday July 10 at 10/9c. 

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