Only in Australia! Motorist takes Holden ute for a test drive – only to load up on timber from Bunnings

  •  Aussie driver takes Holden test drive ute to load up on supplies at Bunnings 
  •  Staff thought the scene was hilarious, stocking up the ute with timber
  •  Holden test drive insurance does not cover drivers for negligent or reckless use

By Jackson Barron For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:45 EDT, 10 July 2019 | Updated: 23:45 EDT, 10 July 2019

A motorist has taken a ute for a test drive, only to head to a hardware store to load up on supplies. 

The Australian driver took a Holden Colorado for a test drive, and wanted to give the car a proper work out before returning the car to the dealership.

As the driver tested out the 4×4 he drove to the local Bunnings to see how much timber he could fit in the trailer.  

Reddit user grantspatchcock photographed the motorist stocked with timber. 

An Aussie motorist took a  Holden test drive ute to Bunnings ( pictured) to load up on supplies 

‘The tray was absolutely loaded with timber, the fellas in the timber yard were still pissing themselves when I got up there,’ he posted.

‘I know it’s the done (sic) thing to move house with a Bunnings trailer, but this was bloody next level!’

Holden Test Drive terms and conditions do not give driver’s complete insurance cover. Motorists are held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle from negligent or reckless use. 


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