Man Left Disappointed After Being Told He Can't Change His Name To 'Tottenham'

Spurs fan David Lind has been left ‘disappointed’ after authorities denied him the right to change his birth name to ‘Tottenham.’

The 39-year-old decided to sent in an application to have his name changed following the club’s Champions League run last season.

But a few weeks later, his initial request was denied by government agency Skatteverket.

Image: PA

Image: PA

Lind, who is from Kumla in Sweden, has revealed his dismay at the decision in an interview with newspaper Nerikes Allehanda

“This is very sad. It looks as if you can be called pretty much everything in Sweden but not Tottenham.” he said.

“It is not any more natural to be called Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool or Guiseley.

“There are a lot of people with strange names in Sweden. There is even someone called Potato. Maybe someone at Skatteverket is an Arsenal fan?”

Image: Nerikes Allehanda/The Guardian

Image: Nerikes Allehanda/The Guardian

Skatteverket have since released a statement as to why they denied David’s request.

They say new rules introduced in 2017 mean there are much stricter guidelines to name changes:

“If someone is called Arsenal in Sweden they probably got that through before 2017,” a spokesman said.

“In the law from 1982 you could be called pretty much anything and there are around 60 people in Sweden called ‘Bajen’ [the nickname for the Swedish club Hammarby].

“When we are faced with an application for a name we are not sure about we consult another institution and they ruled that Tottenham was not constructed in a way that was appropriate for a name in Sweden.”

Image: PA

Image: PA

On the subject of name changes, a Spanish fourth division side have changed their name to Flat Earth FC.

Formerly known as Mostoles Balompie, president Javi Poves has decided to make the bold decision of changing the recently promoted club’s official title.

“We are a professional football club in the Spanish fourth tier and we are born to unite the voices of millions of flat earth movement followers and all those people who are looking for answers,” Poves said in a statement. Spanish fourth division club

Do you know anyone who would change their name to the club they support?

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