Cristiano Ronaldo Met With 'Messi!' Chants After He Doesn't Play In Game In Seoul

65,000 fans in Seoul, South Korea, were left disappointed after Cristiano Ronaldo did not feature in Juventus’ friendly with the K-League all stars.

Reports in South Korea say that Ronaldo and teammates were slated to do an autograph signing session prior to the game that was postponed because Juve were late.

The game itself, which finished 3-3, was delayed 58 minutes and Ronaldo sat on the bench for the whole of the game despite the five-time Ballon d’Or apparently being contractually obliged to play at least a half.

And those in the stadium, the majority of which had come just to see Ronaldo, got extremely restless. Just 24 minutes in and they were chanting “Ronaldo, Ronaldo!” and even “Messi, Messi!” as frustrations grew towards the end of the first half.

Image: PA

Image: PA

They chanted for him again in the second half but it’s also said that they booed the Portuguese superstar when he came up on the big screen and some fans even left early in disappointment.

According to Juve boss Maurizio Sarri, Ronaldo was suffering from “muscle fatigue” and so they didn’t want to risk him in what is effectively a meaningless game.

While supporters went home unhappy because of Ronaldo’s no-show, they did at least get to see his “SIUUUUU!” celebration.

When Brazilian player Cesinha scored the second for the K-League all-stars against Juve, he and two of his teammates performed Ronaldo’s signature move and even pointed at him.

However, it seems as though the celebration was done as more of a tribute than a troll as Cesinha asked for Ronaldo’s shirt at the end of the first half.

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