Husky dies after suspected dog baiting in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Husky is killed and another dog falls seriously ill after ANOTHER baiting attack at a suburban park

  •  Dogs have reportedly been baited at the Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney’s East
  •  A woman was walking with her husky when it reportedly ate a poison substance
  •  A Brisbane park recently set up cameras after several dogs fell ill from baiting

By Eliza Mcphee For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 02:55 EDT, 14 August 2019 | Updated: 02:56 EDT, 14 August 2019

A husky has died and another dog has fallen seriously ill after a suspected baiting attack in one of Sydney’s most popular dog parks.

A woman was walking her husky last week in Rushcutters Bay Park, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs when her dog reportedly ate a yellow substance.

The latest death follows a series of other baiting incidents in Brisbane, where a dozen dogs fell ill and two others died. 

A woman was walking her husky last week when it reportedly ate a yellow poison substance and tragically died (file image)

The husky had consumed the item that had been dropped at the bottom of a tree near the Cruising Yacht Club in the park.

Woollahra Council confirmed that there had been two reportings of suspected dog baiting and they were investigating the area.

‘Animal Rangers and park staff are conducting extra patrols of the area,’ a spokesperson for Woollahra Council told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We ask people to be cautious when walking their dogs. If your dog becomes sick, seek immediate attention from a vet.’

 A Brisbane park recently announced they would set up cameras in off leash areas, in attempts to catch the person suspected of laying baits.

Several dogs had fallen ill at the Waterfront Park in Newstead, which prompted the council to patrol the area. 

Two dogs fell seriously ill and one died after walking in Rushcutters Bay Park (pictured) after reports they had eaten substances that had been poisoned

Dr Chris Brown recently sent out a warning to all dog owners after another case of dog baiting was reported in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

He said there were a range of ways to protect pets from baiting, including keeping them on their leash and teaching them the ‘drop it’ command.

‘Keep dogs on leashes in suspect areas. If you’re worried your dog has swallowed something suspicious, speak to your vet. One injection can help them bring up the bait quickly before it takes effect,’ Dr Brown said in a Facebook post.

Bait containing chunks of poisoned meat are often found in popular parks which can often cause serious illness and death if eaten by dogs or other animals.

Several dogs in Sydney and Brisbane have recently fallen ill after reports of baiting in popular dog parks (dog bait pictured)


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