Mike Tyson Is Smoking Around $40,000 Of Weed A Month At His Cannabis Ranch

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson raised a few eyebrows when he revealed he was opening a massive cannabis ranch.

It is meant to be a haven for people who want to rest and relax while having access to loads of bud.

But, ‘Iron’ Mike has seemingly been really getting into the green stuff in preparation for the ranch’s big opening. The 53-year-old has revealed on his podcast that he’s been smoking around $40,000 worth of weed every, single, goddamn, month.

Speaking on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he said: “What do we smoke a month? It’s about $40,000 a month.”

That is a hell of a lot of weed.

Now, it’s worth noting that Tyson said ‘we’ in that answer, so maybe he’s speaking about how much he and a couple of mates or maybe his entire staff consume, which is miuch more understandable.

His co-host, Eben Britton revealed that they go through around 10 tons a month, which, again, is a bloody big amount of weed.

Surely, no one person could consume that much every month unless they were literally sucking down joints every second breath and chucking it in their shampoo, olive oil, brownies and milk.

In the podcast he also explained that his ranch is selling about $500,000 worth of weed to dispensaries in California, so it’s not too bad that they’re taking a cut of that for themselves.

Tyson hopes that when his ranch is fully complete, the 407-acre site in Southern California will be home to a whole host of tourism attractions, including a huge lazy river and the Kind Music Festival, which he and his business partner Rob Hickman describe as ‘the Lollapalooza of cannabis’.

The first Kind Music Festival has already been held on the site in fact, back in February.

Credit: Tyson Ranch

Credit: Tyson Ranch

The fest gives people the chance to enjoy marijuana, listen to music and learn about the health benefits of the drug.

Speaking to Cannabis Tech Today, Tyson said: “I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no-brainer.

“I’ve been fighting for over 20 years, and my body has a lot of wear and tear. I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it would take the pain away… But before, they had me on those opiates, and those opiates had me all screwed up.”

Beyond this, the ranch will also be used for cannabis research and education and will centre around the use of the drug for health purposes.

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