Rookie Voice Actress Moeko Yuki Releases New Music Video from Her Singer Debut Single

Warner Music Japan’s official YouTube channel has started streaming a full-length music video for “Sayonara Watashi no Seishun” (Good Bye, My Adolescence), the lead track from rookie voice actress Moeko Yuki‘s major debut single “innocent moon” to be released on August 28, 2019. The song is written/composed by Enon Kawatani (Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist/guitarist), and arranged by acclaimed anime soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex).

According to her official profile, she was born in Chiba Prefecture on May 31 (her birth year is kept secret). She was attached to music since her childhood, grow up by playing various instruments, then majored in Flute at a music school. Meanwhile, she has loved manga anime as far back as she could remember and naturally started thinking about standing in the acting side. Then she finally made her voice actress debut in CRAFTER’s 3DCG film Ashita Sekai ga Owaru to shite mo/The Relative Worlds released in Japan in January 2019, by playing one of its sub characters, Onodera. Currently it is her only anime character role.

“Sayonara Watashi no Seishun” MV:

Very short movie:

“innocent moon” CD jacket:

Song list:

1. “Sayonara Watashi no Seishun” (Written&composed by Enon Kawatani/Arannged by Yoko Kanno)

2. “Sanzan Hanayome” (Written&composed by Enon Kawatani/Arannged by [email protected])

3. “Koufukuu” (Written by Enon Kawatani/Composed by Enon Kawatani& ChanMARI/Arranged by ChanMARI)

4. “Moto Koibito-yo” (Written&composed by Enon Kawatani/Arranged by Mito)

“Sanzan Hanayome” MV:

Very short movie:

Source: Moeko Yuki official website 

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