Kotono Mitsuishi Makes Live-Action TV Drama Debut in The Woman at Forensic Science Laboratory

TV Asahi announced today that 51-year-old voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi, best known as Usagi Tsukino in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, will make a guest appearance in the forthcoming 14th episode of the ongoing 19th season of its popular suspense TV drama series Kasouken no Onna (The Woman at Forensic Science Laboratory) to be aired on August 22.

She previously provided her voice to some TV drama, and performed in stage plays, theatrical films, and direct-to-video films, but this is the first time in her life to play an actual character in a live-action TV drama as an actress. The 14th episode focuses on a murder case of a former head of a hospital, and tells a confrontation between funeral planner Mineko Kamishiro (Hiroko Nakajima) who tries to keep a secret of the victim and the protagonist Mariko Sakaki, a member of Kyoto Prefectural Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

Mitsuishi is cast as a mysterious beautiful woman who has the key to solve the case. She said that she understood the reason why the offer was given when she found out her character’s identity revealed in the climax of the episode.

人気声優・三石琴乃、『科捜研の女』で女優に挑戦!オファーの理由は劇中で「明らかに」#科捜研の女 #三石琴乃 @kasouken_women #テレ朝POSThttps://t.co/3aTaOpURec

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