Voice Actress Yui Ogura Performs Fall 2019 TV Anime Z/X Code reunion’s OP Song “Destiny”

Voice actress Yui Ogura announced at the event to celebrate her 24th birthday and the release of her fourth live DVD/Blu-ray “LIVE 2019 Step Apple” at Hulic Hall Tokyo on Thursday that her next 10th single “Destiny” is set to be released on October 30, 2019. And the title song is confirmed to be featured as the OP theme for the forthcoming TV anime Z/X Code reunion, in which she is also cast as its protagonist girl Azumi Kagamihara. 

“Destiny” is produced as an aggressive rock anthem under the theme of “Threads of Destiny.” And release events for the single are planned to be held at six locations across Japan from November 23 to December 1.

— 小倉 唯 Official (@OY_A_Official) August 15, 2019

こんにちは✨本日8月15日、24歳を迎えました???? いくつになっても、感謝や思いやりの気持ちを忘れず素直な人でありたいです。今年はよく食べて、よく寝て、よく動く、が目標✨今日はイベントもあるのでがんばりまめ大福です(OvO)!!(唯) pic.twitter.com/XRpxUG0pdX

— 小倉 唯 Official (@OY_A_Official) August 15, 2019

「Step Apple」発売記念イベント????皆さんにお祝いしていただけて本当に幸せな空間でした☺たくさんのおめでとうメッセージもありがとうございます????アップルガールのMV衣装もやっとお披露目できてよかった〜♪楽しかったなぁ〜24歳もよろしくお願いします(^-^)(唯) pic.twitter.com/TRNujUqWdO

— 小倉 唯 Official (@OY_A_Official) August 15, 2019

10枚目シングルのタイトルは『Destiny』になりました????10/30発売です!そして、今日からファンクラブが「Yui’s*Company.」としてリニューアルオープンしたので、皆さんぜひお勤めにいらしてくださいね♪ハズレなしの「第1回 Yui*Com社内大抽選会」も応募はじまったよ〜✨私も楽しみ!!(唯) pic.twitter.com/hEoBkLDPUf

— 小倉 唯 Official (@OY_A_Official) August 15, 2019

The TV anime Z/X Code reunion based on Broccoli’s trading card game series Z/X is set to premiere on Tokyo MX on October 8, 2019. Yoshifumi Sueda (High School DxD Hero) is attached to direct at Passione (citrus), alongside series composition writer Tatsuhiko Urahata (Hanako Note) and character designer Selece (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers episode animation director).


Source: Yui Ogura official website / Twitter

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