Conte: 'Italian fans regressed'

Inter Coach Antonio Conte feels “Italy has regressed” over the last three years in terms of racism, but not just that. “People just want to insult others.”

The former Juventus and Chelsea manager returned to Serie A this season and was struck by the difference in attitude.

“Racism is a problem in Italy, but so is any kind of insult, and after three years away, I find Italy has regressed,” said Conte in a Press conference ahead of tonight’s Milan Derby.

“People write exclusively to foment hatred. Italy has become far worse lately and we are all to blame. We’re talking about something that educates the next generation to hate and engage in violence.”

Conte also pointed to the fact the Disciplinary Commission took no action against Cagliari after racist abuse was aimed at Romelu Lukaku, because they weren’t considered loud or widespread enough to warrant a fine.

“In England, if two or three fans try something, they get put in prison and the key thrown away. Here, the fans go to the stadium exclusively to insult: the opposition, the players, people of another colour.

“It would be wonderful to see fans attend games just to cheer on their own team. Children ought to hear that instead of observing these hostile atmospheres that are right on the borderline.”

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