“No way we can drive” if typhoon hits, say drivers | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

Formula 1 drivers expect the arrival of Super Typhoon Hagibis will prevent them from taking to the track on Saturday at Suzuka.

Final practice and qualifying are slated to take place at the circuit tomorrow, but the approaching storm has cast doubt over whether the sessions will take place. The Formula Four support event has been cancelled in order to give priority to F1’s track time.

“I’ve got my speedboat on standby so I’m ready to go on Saturday,” joked Max Verstappen ahead of the race weekend.

“It’s going to be very clear if it’s possible or not,” he said. “At the moment it doesn’t really look very likely on Saturday. Sunday looks fine but we’ll see.”

Charles Leclerc said “it’s pretty clear if the typhoon is going to come here there’s no way we can drive.

“[From] my previous experience, I have only done one year and a half in Formula 1 but they have always been quite safe with the conditions. They’ve always asked us what we thought about the track once we we’re in the car. So we will see.”

FIA race director Michael Masi will make any call about when the cars can take to the track. Carlos Sainz Jnr says he has “full trust in Michael and his team that we will run in safe conditions if we do so.”

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