Ada Hegerberg asked to twerk by French D.J. Martin Solveig at FIFA’s Ballon d’Or ceremony

Norwegian soccer star Ada Hegerberg made history Monday by becoming the first woman to receive FIFA’s Ballon d’Or. But her groundbreaking accomplishment also came with dash of controversy.

At the end of the presentation ceremony in Paris, French D.J. and producer Martin Solveig, who had playfully struck a dance pose with Hegerberg earlier, asked her (in French) to twerk. 

Hegerberg said just one word in response: “No.” And she immediately walked off the stage.

Social media, including Sports Illustrated‘s Grant Wahl, picked up on the exchange immediately.

Absolute trash: French DJ Martin Solveig asks Ada Hegerberg to twerk after receiving the first women’s Ballon d’Or award. (Love her response, though.) This is the crap female athletes deal with on a daily basis around the

— Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl) December 3, 2018

As the controversy erupted, Solveig issued an apology “to the one I may have offended:” 

“I didn’t know that this could be seen as such an offense, especially if you consider the sequence in total when we ended up dancing (to) Frank Sinatra … This was a joke. Probably a bad one.”

Sincere apologies to the one I may have offended. My point was : I don’t invite women to twerk but dance on a Sinatra song. Watch the full sequence People who have followed me for 20 years know how respectful I am especially with women

— Martin Solveig (@martinsolveig) December 3, 2018

Solveig said he apologized to Hegerberg, who acknowledged his comments were in jest. Hegerberg later said that she wasn’t upset with Solveig.

Ballon d’Or winner @AdaStolsmo says she wasn’t upset when French DJ Martin Solveig asked her if she could twerk at the award ceremony in Paris. Apologies for my framing at the beginning

— John Leicester (@johnleicester) December 3, 2018

The incident came shortly after Hegerberg told the Associated Press she would not be playing for Norway at the next Women’s World Cup due to what she felt was a lack of respect for female soccer players in her home country.

Hegerberg shared the stage with Luka Modric of Croatia as FIFA handed out separate honors for the sport’s top players for the first time.

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