August’s new battery-powered smart doorbell has a 1440p camera – Engadget

The new offering basically takes August’s existing doorbell product and enhances it, providing an impressive 1440p resolution streaming of a customer’s doorstep directly to their phone. The View comes with instant motion alerts, minimal fisheye distortion, zoomable video, an actual doorbell-like chime and, of course, a range of cloud storage packages.

The key upgrade, however, is that the slimline doorbell is battery-powered (the kit comes with a rechargeable battery and micro-USB cable). Firstly, this means it should fit most entryways, which is helpful if you’re squeezed for space. Secondly, a simple wireless DIY installation process means it’ll appeal to tenants as well as homeowners. Their security concerns are no less valid (sometimes they’re greater, in fact), but restrictive rental agreements limit what changes can be made to a property. August View’s out-of-the-box solution addresses this.

The device goes on sale on March 28 from and select national retailers, and costs $230. Much like its competitor, the Ring 2, it’ll also come with a choice of swappable faceplates (four metal-effect and four colored), so you can match it to your home’s façade.

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