Beaches, steaks and private jets for pets: The rich dogs of Instagram

They have designer clothes, five-star steak dinners and thousands of dedicated followers – but they aren’t your regular social media starlets – they’re the rich dogs of Instagram.

From lounging around TV studios to laying back on private jets, relaxing in hot tubs and mingling at lavish parties, these four-legged socialites have lives most of us can only dream of.

Often outshining their owners, the rich dogs of Instagram are becoming famous in their own right.

While the Rich Kids of Instagram made a name for themselves by splashing their parents’ cash – the rich dogs – are lapping up the luxury of having loaded owners. 

Lewis Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe has his own modelling career which he gets paid £560 per day for. The Formula One fur baby even has acupuncture to help him relax.

Roscoe is so important to the F1 legend he has had his sperm frozen so after retirement he can use a breeder to get more puppies. 

Andy Cohen’s pooch Wacha rose to fame after the pair ‘fell in love’ on the dog version of Tinder ‘Petfinder’. 

The Beagle mix Cohen calls ‘Ralph Lauren Snoopy’ now has his own social media with 219,000 followers.

Designer Marc Jacobs has king diva dog Neville, always spotted in the latest four-legged fashion while UK gymnast Louis Smith’s husky Luna is often seen cuddled up to the Olympian.

Actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock named his dog Hobbs after his Fast and Furious character Luke Hobbs. The French Bulldog who has access to The Rock’s private gym even jets around the world with his owner.

These are the Insta-famous fur-lebrities you should be following…

Lewis Hamilton’s dogs Roscoe and Coco 

‘He was already his dad’s best friend and wouldn’t walk on a leash because he preferred being carried’: Lewis Hamilton’s dogs Roscoe (left) and Coco (right) on Roscoe’s sixth birthday. His trainer and walker described how spoiled he is by the F1 driver. Pictured left: Roscoe and Coco in Barbados with their owner Lewis Hamilton as they are treated to a jet setting lifestyle

Doggy parties are common among the A-list pets. Roscoe and Coco party with their friends in LA while dad Lewis Hamilton is away working

The Formula One driver and Roscoe spend days together when Hamilton’s busy schedule allows it. The rest of the time Roscoe is cared for by a well-known specialist in Los Angeles 

Fashionista Roscoe shows off his new shades in a post by his doting dog dad Lewis Hamilton 

Roscoe may not travel to every country with his owner – but he has enjoyed holidays in Rome and the Bahamas – his Instagram account shows (right). Coco, Lewis Hamilton’s other dog (left), also features on the Instagram account which has 145,000 followers

 Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville

With a designer king father known worldwide for his clothes and accessory designs, Neville Jacobs always looks dapper on his social media accounts – including once behind the controls of a jet (right)

Neville is the leader of the dog fashion pack with his owner dressing him in designer outfits – and even dressing himself with is designer dog

Neville and his friends were seen leaving New York City and jetting off on holiday together (right) after a shopping spree with some human helpers (left)

Neville and his friends settle in by the pool on their holiday as they relax in front of a glamorous home. They clocked up an impressive 10,000 likes on a photograph of them in camouflage (left)

Bull Terrier Neville supervises as steak is sliced in front of him in his impeccable kitchen in the US 

Fashion legend Mr Jacobs works from home with his popular dog Neville – one of the most famous of celebrity dogs

Andy Cohen’s dog Wacha

Andy Cohen’s dog Wacha watches the world go by as the waves crash onto the beach on their holiday (right) and is used to living in luxury (left)

Mr Cohen’s dog Wacha greets the captain of what looks like a private jet before take-off (right) and enjoys shopping in Ralph Lauren on super luxury Madison Avenue in New York with Andy Cohen (left). Wacha has 219,000 followers on Instagram

Wacha is a frequent guest on Andy Cohen’s shows – often getting to meet the celebrities who appear – and getting much more attention 

Brett Eldredge’s dog Boogie

American singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge and his dog Edgar Boogie Eldredge are the best of friends – often pictured sharing meals, writing songs or taking walks 

Brett even dressed Edgar the Weizsla up to attend the Country Music Awards (CMA) with him, while he is often pictured with him in the studio. Brett has 1.4million followers and Edgar has 231,000

Edgar enjoys the high life with his owner Brett the famous country singer as he dresses up for lavish meals, awards and photoshoots 

Edgar and Brett are together as often as they can be according to social media, and have even been pictured dressing in the same shirt

Edgar Boogie and Brett have been together since 2016. The musician started Edgar’s own Instagram page which quickly gained a huge following 

Edgar has his own famous friends including Instagram star Doug the Pug (left). He is also treated to life’s simple pleasures like walks with Brett

The Rock’s dog Hobbs

‘Daddy’s boy’ Hobbs was pictured after his first trip on a private plane with owner Dwayne Johnson – also known as The Rock

While Hobbs in nonchalant about his beach photo shoot – more than 891,000 people liked the snap of him and his famous father.  At Easter he joined in as The Rock dressed as Pikachu for his daughter (left)

Hobbs has a luxury life at home in the US with the Johnson family where he works out with The Rock. Hobbs enjoys private access to Dwayne Johnson’s home gym. The pair are often pictured together pre-training (right). 

Sometimes, the fame might get to them. Almost 2million people liked this picture of Hobbs the dog after he tore up a toy at home 

Louis Smith’s dog Luna

Louis Smith has a hectic training schedule as a competitive athlete but his husky Luna manages to keep up with him 

Luna has a huge garden to play in complete with a giant hot tub, patio area and grass in the home she shared with Louis Smith. Luna the husky is often out and about on walks as she proves to be as fit as her gymnast father (left)

Luna has two sofas to choose from at her home with Louis Smith – but she knows where she would rather be 

Leslie Mosier’s dog Doug the Pug 

Doug the pug has an incredible 3.6million followers on Instagram and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle which includes jet setting around the world, and keeping up with the latest doggy fashion

Doug is always wearing the latest fashion for pets, including designer glasses, shoes and jackets which match the season

Doug the pug is owned by Leslie Mosier who began posting pictures of her pet for fun and ended up leaving her job to manage his career full time. The pair live in Nashville, Tennessee

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