Bethenny Frankel posts dreamy photo with beau Paul Bernon…a day after crying about late boyfriend

It’s an emotional roller-coaster for this Real Housewife.

Bethenny Frankel posted a dreamy and romantic selfie with her new beau, film producer Paul Bernon, on Friday, a day after her teary appearance on the RHONY reunion where she discussed how she misses her late on/off boyfriend Dennis Shields.

In the photo, Frankel and Bernon both smile and wear sunglasses in front of a rocky beach, and Bethenny’s head is tilted in toward her new man.

Sunny and in love: Bethenny Frankel posted a dreamy and romantic selfie with her new beau, film producer Paul Bernon, on Friday

She tagged both 41-year-old Bernon’s account as well as that of the musician Lauv, and captioned the sweet photo with one of his lyrics and song titles: ‘I like me better when I’m with you’

Just the day before, Frankel, 48, wiped away tears while discussing late on/off boyfriend Dennis Shields during the first part of the RHONY reunion on Bravo.

The Skinnygirl lifestyle brand creator was asked early during the season 11 reunion about Dennis, who died of a suspected drug overdose last August at his apartment in Trump Tower in New York City at age 51.

Reunion host Andy Cohen, 51, noted that Dennis had accompanied Bethenny to the last several reunions of The Real Housewives Of New York City.

Season reunion: Bethenny Frankel got emotional while talking about late boyfriend Dennis Shields on Thursday during the season 11 reunion of The Real Housewives Of New York City

‘He liked minutiae,’ Bethenny said. ‘He’s always on my mind. He’s very missable’.

She recalled a few of his favorite sayings and Luann de Lesseps, 52, told Bethenny that he ‘absolutely adored you’.

‘I know. I know. I miss that,’ Bethenny said as her voice cracked with emotion.

She later opened up about their relationship after watching clips of herself coping with his death during season 11.

Adored her: The 48-year-old Skinnygirl lifestyle brand creator said Dennis was always on her mind

On/off relationship: Bethenny is shown in June 2016 with on/off boyfriend Dennis who died of a drug overdose last August at his apartment in Trump Tower in New York City

Bethenny wiped away tears after the montage as Andy asked how she was doing nearly a year after Dennis died.

‘I’m doing well. I actually think I’m doing well. It comes in waves, there are delayed reactions. I really have moved away from it,’ Bethenny said.

Bethenny said that she still can’t believe that he’s gone.

Moving on: The reality star after watching clips of herself coping with his death during season 11 said she was ‘doing well’ and has ‘moved away from it’

‘I loved him deeply, and I don’t know if I would have been able to be in the place that I’m in now if he were still here,’ she said.

She also acknowledged they were broken up at the time of his death.

‘So, we had broken up many times. He was always in my life,’ Bethenny said adding that Dennis would promise to change to get back in her life.

Together again: Andy Cohen welcomed the RHONY stars in lower Manhattan for the season 11 reunion

‘Truthfully, when you’re older, you don’t know if you’re going to get your big fairytale,’ she explained.

‘Because I had this security presence in Dennis, where if it was Thanksgiving and I was going to be alone I could always be with him, I wasn’t giving myself what I deserved in a relationship,’ she added.

Bethenny also revealed that she felt ‘alone’ in their relationship.

Felt alone: Bethenny revealed that she felt ‘alone’ in her relationship with Dennis

‘Dennis could not be present. We would be together and so strong and very in love, and then he would disappear,’ Bethenny said.

She shared that Dennis promised to make Mother’s Day special for her and her nine-year-old daughter Bryn.

‘I ended up alone for Mother’s Day because he went to sleep and he stayed in bed all day,’ Bethenny said.

‘I was always alone. It was worse because I would say to him, ”I’d rather be alone than in a relationship feeling alone”,’ Bethenny said.

Disappearing act: Dennis skipped out on Mother’s Day with Bethenny and her daughter Bryn after falling asleep and staying in bed all day

Bethenny was asked by a viewer if she was engaged to Dennis when he died and she replied that she didn’t consider them to be ‘really engaged’.

Dennis proposed and Bethenny said she accepted the ring, but with a ‘let’s see’ outlook.

Bethenny has since been dating real estate developer and film producer Bernon.

New boyfriend: Bethenny has been dating real estate developer and film producer Paul Bernon, 41.

She said they remain together but he likely will not be on the show anytime soon.

‘He is a very private, conservative, reserved person. …He is calm and balanced, and this is not for him,’ Bethenny said.

Bethenny while mourning Dennis during season 11 considered selling off her Skinnygirl company, but revealed during the reunion that she did not sell it.

‘I had several offers, and I got very nervous at the last minute because it hasn’t really reached its full potential, so I let some very high salary people go and I have outsourced more. So I just don’t like managing that many people. I don’t want to run an operation,’ she said.

Good question: Andy wondered if they’d see Bethenny’s new boyfriend Paul on the show, but she said he’s ‘very private’

The reunion also featured Luann and Dorinda Medley, 54, making up after season-long feuding that threatened their long friendship.

Andy noted that Luann missed the reunion last season because she was in rehab and never had a chance to resolve simmering issues with Dorinda.

‘To be honest with you, I don’t feel like you have any substance anymore,’ Dorinda told Luann.

Season feud: Dorinda Medley continued feuding with Luann de Lesseps during the reunion as their season-long tension continued

Dorinda cried as she told Luann that at some point she decided she could do no right in her mind.

She accused Luann of treating her like an ‘animal’ even after giving her a prayer card from her First Communion.

‘You broke my heart,’ Dorinda said.

Dorinda remained hurt that Luann did not invite her boyfriend John Mahdessian to her cabaret show.

Heart broken: The reality star cried as she told Luann that she broke her heart

Tinsley Mortimer, 43, admitted to heckling at the cabaret show, but Dorinda denied that she was heckling Luann with her ‘Jovani’ outbursts during her show.

Luann later said she was going through a hard time during the past season and admitted that she had been ‘cold’ toward Dorinda.

She then walked over and gave Dorinda a hug.

Big hug: Luann admitted that she had been ‘cold’ toward Dorinda during the past season and walked over and hugged her

‘I hate the way you’re looking at me. You look so angry,’ she said as they embraced.

‘I’m not. I’m confused. I’m not angry. I’m confused ’cause I don’t …the person I’ve known for 13 years. We used to sit and laugh our a**es off, Dorinda said. ‘We were so close’.

‘I know. I miss that, too. I really do,’ Luann said.

The Real Housewives Of New York City reunion will continue with part two next week on Bravo.

Bravo stars: Sonja Morgan, Dorinda, Bethenny, Andy, Luann, Tinsley and Ramona Singer were back for the season 11 reunion

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