Class Of 92 Pick Their All Time Premier League XI

Class Of 92 Pick Their All Time Premier League XI

The age old question of ‘who would make a Premier League XI?’ has been answered once again by the famous Manchester United Class of 92 with one added proviso, no Manchester United players.

Though it doesn’t seem like it right now, with the Red Devils still down in sixth, but Manchester United are the best team to have played in the Premier League since it started in 1992.

You might not want to hear that but they did win 13 Premier League titles under Sir Alex Ferguson and are the only side to have won three titles in a row, and they’ve done it twice.

A long with the Treble and the Fergie years in general the thing most synonymous with the club during their years of dominance was the Class of 92.

The youth team that won the 1992 FA Youth Cup produced Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes, all of whom went on to win numerous trophies for the team.

Giggs, Scholes and ‘GNev’ could all hold claims to being in a Premier League all time XI, as could others from United sides, but the class had to pick their team without any United players.

The Class of 92's all time XI. Image: Sky Sports

The Class of 92’s all time XI. Image: Sky Sports

After their picks the lads had to choose one Manchester United player to go in. Initially Neville joked that he could go in but soon it becomes a viable option.

Roy Keane is also mentioned, with Gerrard moving to right back, whilst Peter Schmeichel also gets a shout. In the end picking Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the right option.

The updated team. Image: Sky Sports

The updated team. Image: Sky Sports

There’s a few very controversial picks in their team starting in goal. The fact that G Nev even picked Thibaut Courtois ahead of Petr Cech was a surprise.

Zabaleta getting in the team seems controversial, especially when the former United players could have put Neville in instead of the former City player.

Who would make your all time Premier League XI, with or without United players?

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