Cowdenbeath Drove A Car On Their Pitch To Try And Unfreeze It

Cowdenbeath Drove A Car On Their Pitch To Try And Unfreeze It

Scottish football comes in for a lot of criticism, usually from south of the border, that is probably a bit harsh but on Friday night it managed to come up with a truly comic moment when Cowdenbeath vs Rangers was postponed.

The winter months can often be very difficult for football. From Sunday League all the way up to Premier League, depending how bad the weather is, matches can be postponed because of waterlogged or frozen pitches.

It’s actually been a pretty mild winter this season so games haven’t been too heavily affected in England but of course in Scotland things have been a bit colder and on Friday a big game had to be postponed.

Rangers were supposed to be playing away against League Two side Cowdenbeath on Friday evening in the Scottish Cup but the Blue Brazil’s pitch was frozen so the game was delayed until later this month, with just three hours before kick off.

Of course seeing a side in League Two calling off their game isn’t really that noteworthy, even if it was against Rangers, but they did something that felt so Sunday League we couldn’t ignore it.

Cowdenbeath tried to unfreeze their pitch by driving a car onto the ground to get some heat on it, and unsurprisingly it didn’t work:

The conversation on Premier Sports about the car stunt was fantastic with presenter Darrell Currie asking pundit Chris Sutton, “Chris, you’re a farmer … what are they trying to achieve here?!”

Like the rest of us former Celtic striker Sutton had no idea, answering, “I don’t really know Darrell. It’s not a practice we use in Norfolk!”

Cowdenbeath director Tom Ewing was unhappy with the decision by a local referee at 5pm on Friday to call the game off, saying, “The referee’s made his decision and we’ve got to abide by that, but we are hugely disappointed. We didn’t call the referee in. We felt the pitch was fine.”

And manager Gary Bollan added, “The decision was taken there and then. Come kick-off time, I think it would have been playable.

“If it was Berwick Rangers, the game would have gone ahead in my opinion.”

We’re just glad the weather was bad so we got the ridiculousness of the car situation.

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