Cristiano Ronaldo Is Opening A Hair Transplant Clinic In Latest Business Venture

Cristiano Ronaldo is more than a free-scoring, award-winning footballer and his latest business venture further underlines that.

As per The Mirror, Ronaldo is set to open a hair transplant centre where his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, will work as one of the managers.

The clinic, a project from the Insparya Group that the 34-year old co-founded, will be based in his former place of work in Madrid and is to house 150 experts in 18 rooms.

It’s said that Ronaldo has kicked off the venture with a €1 million investment and he’s expected to pump an additional €25 million into it over the next few years as the expansion continues.

Hair transplants at the new centre will start at €4,000 and the aim is for 18 to be performed per day.

Commenting on his new endeavour, Ronaldo said: “In addition to football, I am passionate about health, technology and research, they are areas which I wanted to invest in.

“I wanted the first clinic of the international expansion to be situated in Madrid, a city I lived in for many years.”

This is just one of a many other projects Ronaldo is involved in outside of football. He has branched out with gyms, footwear, underwear, blankets, hotels, his own CR7 fragrance, a CR7 selfie app – while he also has his own museum and an airport named after him in his hometown of Madeira.

Ronaldo also makes an absolute fortune through various sponsorships and endorsements, evidenced by information from Der Spiegel journalists Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger back in May 2017.

As a Saudi telecoms firm found out in 2013, Ronaldo will cost an eye watering amount to hire.

The Football Leaks: The Dirty Business of Football book reveals that Mobily struck a deal with Ronaldo’s Irish image rights company, Multisports & Image Management, whereby they would get four-and-a-half hours of his time.

The service consisted of a photo-shoot, five signed shirts and two plugs across his social media channels, where CR7 has an enormous following.

Image: PA

Image: PA

Moreover, the firm were allowed to use images of the former Real Madrid that were taken on the day, but the advertising was only regional as the publication was limited to the Middle East and north Africa area.

For all of the above, Ronaldo and his representatives charged the company a monumental £920,000. Pocket change, isn’t it?

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