David Silva Has Suddenly Grown Some Hair And People Are Asking Questions

David Silva Has Suddenly Grown Some Hair And People Are Asking Questions

David Silva has just scored an important goal for Manchester City as they try and claw back some points in the Premier League title race.

But the Spaniard’s new trim is one of the biggest talking points among fans this afternoon.

It was a surprise to many when the playmaker turned up at St Mary’s with more hair than usual. Just check out the below footage and see his barnet in action.

What a time to be alive.

As you can imagine, social media reacted accordingly, with many questioning how Silva suddenly managed to grow quite a substantial amount of hair in such a short space of time.

One Twitter user said: “Just when everyone got used to bald David Silva, he grows his hair out again. Is this a new start to throw people off?”

While another said: “How can David Silva go bald for like two seasons and suddenly have hair back in a couple of weeks?”

Here’s some more reactions from Twitter this afternoon:

Thoughts on his new look?

Let us know in the comments.

Jack Kenmare

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