Double voting: Sample audit to be handled by Statistician General IEC

A voter gets his finger inked at a polling station

A voter gets his finger inked at a polling station. (Guillem Sartorio, AFP)

The sample auditing process of 1 020 voting stations to determine if there was double voting at some stations will be managed by the Statistician General, the IEC announced on Friday night. 

IEC Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo said the voting stations would form the sample for an independent technical assurance process that looks at the “s24Avoting”, which comprises voters who did not vote in their registered stations.

IEC commissioner Janet Love said during a media briefing at the IEC’s results operation centre in Tshwane on Friday evening that the IEC provides the Statistician General with a full system of the voting districts.

The Statistician General will then use various methodologies to form an appropriate sample.

“The basis for ‘why the selected one or not the other’ we cannot answer,” she said. She added that the IEC carefully crafted what the Statistician General has been asked to undertake.

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