EDF: 'Roma get too hasty'

Eusebio Di Francesco praised Roma’s attacking approach after a 3-2 victory over Torino, but saw “hasty” defending to fumble a 2-0 lead.

“As usual, we made life complicated for ourselves,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“Considering the first half performance, we deserved to be more than 2-0 up, but we can’t always go at 300km per hour and must learn to control the game during certain periods.

“It’s a lack of experience on our part, but also shows the positives, such as our young players being so eager to keep attacking and creating at all times.

“Edin Dzeko played well for the team today and was therefore a little more tired when it came to finishing moves off. A tap-in isn’t his style, he needs to score difficult and spectacular goals. I hope he’ll find his full fitness soon, as he is too important for us.

“Rick Karsdorp is improving a great deal. He is a very attack-minded full-back and comes from a different style of football to Serie A, so is still learning to cover the space and not just chase the ball or the man. On the chance when Iago Falque hit the upright, Karsdorp must never come out on that ball, as he leaves an enormous gap.

“The important thing is that the team is showing an impressive overall approach when creating chances. Where we need to improve is in defence, as paradoxically we can be a bit too aggressive and therefore hasty, getting the timing wrong on interceptions. We need to calm it down a bit sometimes and defend as a team.”

Zaniolo scored the opener with a remarkable goal, turning on a sixpence in the six-yard box when practically lying on the ground.

“He has great talent, physicality to score that goal and also determination, as he never gives up. Zaniolo starts his game with strong defensive work, then builds on that. It’s also pleasing that he plays the way he trains, there is always intensity.

“We have some versatile midfielders who are continually moving around and helping each other. We might still have some tactical naivety and we are working on that, but make up for it with passion.”

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