Enner Valencia Once Pretended To Be Injured To Get Away From Police

Enner Valencia Once Pretended To Be Injured To Get Away From Police

Throughout history there’s plenty of sports stars who have been in trouble with the police but few have attempted to fein injury like Enner Valencia did in October 2016.

In a story that you’d likely see in 1998 WWF, Enner Valencia pretended to be injured when playing for Ecuador against Chile so he could escape from the Police.

Ecuador won 3-0 but bizarrely as the game came to a close, the Everton loanee faked an injury so he could steal a march on the onrushing Police officers.

Reports surfaced online that Valencia was in trouble with the law for not paying $17,000 in child support for his five-year old daughter. Police tried to arrest him but did not follow procedures and he was let off the hook, albeit briefly.

Then came the game against Chile where Valencia fell the ground and was carried off on a stretcher, with an oxygen mask on his face. In footage below you can see the incident where he was escorted to an Ambulance with Police in hot pursuit and trying their best to arrest him as he was leaving the premises.

Superb tactics from Valencia to get away. Apparently, members Ecuador squad pleaded with officers to allow Valencia to get to the changing room and out of sight from the law enforcement officers.

The Ecuador coaching staff then produced a document to ensure the 26-year old would make his way back to the national team hotel. Not long after, Valencia’s attorney worked his magic to persuade a judge to pull the plug on the arrest warrant.

At the time Valencia was still playing in the Premier League, he was at Everton on loan from West Ham, but his time in England ended soon after.

In July 2017 he signed for Mexican club Tigres where he’s been playing ever since, as far as we’re aware without needing to fake a dodgy hamstring or anything to get away from the authorities.

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