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During the Ask Me Anything with Epic employees, Fortnite players got a lot of great news. 

They were promised the vaulting of planes and audio fixes that will improve the game considerably.

But they also had their hopes dashed for the return of old items that some players wanted to come back.

Chief among those is the Double Pump. It briefly came back during Season 7 but was quickly patched and it appears to be gone for good now.

The Double Pump is probably the most controversial mechanic in Fortnite, it was undoubtedly really strong but many felt like the skill it took to pull off was a valid drawback.

Moving from a strong strategy to maybe one of the most fun items, the Bouncer does not seem to be returning to Fortnite.

However, Epic Eric’s reply of “not at the moment” seems less set in stone than his reply to the Double Pump.

Many people who have been playing for the game for a long time want the feel of Fortnite in Season 2 and 3 to come back.

The Unvaulted LTM recaptured those old item sets but people wanted to go even further by taking away a lot of the map changes and bringing back the classic green map.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.

The final old item that appears to be gone forever is the Zapatron. Now most players probably never expected the gun that was Fortnite’s first big mystery to ever return, but there was never official confirmation one way or the other.

The Zapatron was an incredibly powerful sniper that existed in Battle Royale for exactly two days during Season 1.

It is apparently never going to make a comeback and Epic doesn’t seem like they even want to acknowledge it’s existence.

Maybe one day it will come back as a mythic item type drop or be included in the storyline for a future season but right now it appears to be gone forever.

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