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The Bush was the first out of the ordinary item to be added to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately, it serves little purpose, and Epic wants to fix that.

Despite being a Legendary item, the Bush sees very little usage in Fortnite. Many players feel that the item only dilutes the loot pool and should be vaulted.

Fortunately, things are looking up for the Bush. Eric Williamson of Epic Games has responded to a post on /r/FortniteBR proposing changes which would make it viable.

How to make the legendary bush legendary! from r/FortNiteBR

The user suggests that the Bush should protect players from a single shot prior to breaking. Eric, who is the Design Lead on Fortnite responded with the following…

We’ve been looking at ways to potentially improve the Bush’s effectiveness, this is an option that’s been discussed a few times.

No adjustments in the next update but it’s something we’ll be reviewing.

Eric then went on to detail many of the proposed changes that Epic has evaluated over the months. While none are set in stone at the moment, there are a few which would likely be accepted by the community.

There’s a number of ways we’ve discussed improving it… having multiple charges; or being auto-enabled while it’s in inventory (like Jetpacks) and can’t be shot off. Reducing the leaves that block your view has come up a number of times, since that can be a point of frustration.

What other things could you guys see with it?

What are your thoughts on these changes? How would you make the Bush a viable loot choice for players?

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