Four drops and a missed run-out: South Africa’s sloppy first hour

4:12 AM ET

  • ESPNcricinfo staff

With Pakistan resuming day two on 17 for 2, nightwatchman Mohammad Abbas accompanying opener Imam-ul-Haq, South Africa would have been intent on early wickets. However, during a chaotic opening hour, they contrived to drop four catches, mess up a run-out chance, and miss a sharp stumping, too. Here’s how the action unfolded on our ball-by-ball commentary:

11.5 – Philander to Imam-ul-Haq, no run, missed stumping chance down leg side. Length ball swings down leg. Imam’s back leg is up as he looks to flick this and he’s walked out too after losing balance. But QDK can’t gather

15.4 – Philander to Mohammad Abbas, no run, dropped at gully! One of two gullies. Bavuma puts down a simple catch. Didn’t have to move too much. Full outswinger just outside off. Looks to drive and it’s shin height for Bavuma. Hard hands from him

16.1 – Steyn to Imam-ul-Haq, no run, dropped! Oh dear, South Africa. Are they in too close? Short of a length in the corridor. Defended again for the one that comes in. Steyn takes it away off the seam. The perfect set-up. Flying to Elgar’s left at second slip, hip height. De Bruyn jumps across from third and it kisses his thumb on the way to Elgar who grabs it and can’t hold on takes his eyes off it after the distraction and cops it on the chest

18.5 – Steyn to Mohammad Abbas, no run, dropped! Steyn holds his shoulder and walks back. Full outswinger, just outside off. Abbas pokes at it. It’s flying to Amla at first slip. QDK dives one-handed to his right and grasses it

23.2 – Rabada to Imam-ul-Haq, no run, dropped! And a run-out missed! What is happening here! Length ball in the corridor, defends inside the line, gets an outside edge that’s dipping to QDK’s left. He goes one-handed again with a big dive and can’t hold on. It’s parried behind the cordon and Imam is ball watching as Abbas takes off for the run. Literally, back turned to his partner, Imam. Abbas has to run back. Rabada picks up the throw that is a shy at the striker’s end and chucks it at the other end. Misses. Abbas wasn’t close to being in

Then, just after the drinks break, South Africa finally held on to one…

24.2 – Olivier to Mohammad Abbas, OUT, edged and somebody finally catches the ball. De Bruyn grabs it to his right at third slip and ends nightwatchman Abbas’ little vigil. On a good length, angling in, and straightening away. Olivier tempts Abbas into wafting at it and nicking off Mohammad Abbas c de Bruyn b Olivier 11 (51b 2×4 0x6) SR: 21.56

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