Fugitive Russian oligarch in row with his neighbours

A fugitive Russian oligarch has become embroiled in a row with his wealthy Henley-upon Thames neighbours over a new stable block for the polo pitch at his £140million mansion.

Andrey Borodin fled Russia in 2011 after being accused of fraud and was granted political asylum in the UK in 2013.

Since setting up home in Henley, Borodin, who is estimated to be worth around £600 million has embraced the traditional pursuits of the super-rich, including polo.

Andrey Borodin (left) with his wife Tatiana (right). Mr Bourdin fled Russia in 2011 after being accused of fraud

The map above shows the area where the Park Place estate is situated and where the proposed stables will be 

Tatiana Korsakova (left and right) is married to Andrey Borodin. The former model wears a one sleeved cropped top (left) while (right) she wears an elegant white tailored dress 

However, his love of the sport seems to have landed him in hot water with neighbours, as plans to expand his polo complex has enraged residents, who believe it will lead to too many horses, cars and flies.

The 51-year-old, who was the former CEO of the Bank of Moscow, first attracted attention in 2012 when it emerged he had paid £140 million for the Park Place estate where he resides with his wife 38-year-old wife Tatiana.

The grade II listed mansion is around 300-years-old and comes complete with 200 acres of parkland in the village of Remenham, Berkshire, near the Oxford border and close to Green Belt land.

Park Place, near Henley (pictured above) is around 300-years old and is a grade II listed mansion

Since moving to Henley, Mr Borodin has taken up the sport of the super-rich, Polo

The estate is home to his Park Place polo team, which has made the finals of two national tournaments this year and had previously been used for the 2007 film of St Trinian’s.

According to the Times, agents for Mr Borodin say the expansion plan would allow polo horses, along with their riders and grooms to spend more time on the site, in order to help them concentrate on training and playing.

Mark Phillips, a barrister who lives on the estate, said: ‘It is not an appropriate use of green belt land. It could never be appropriate for the owner of a professional football team to build a football stadium on green belt land, even if that land was on grounds that made up part of his private estate.

Tatiana Korsakova seen wearing a blue sweater and a skirt with a long cut in the streets of Paris during Paris Fashion Weekin 2017 (left). She was pictured with her husband (right) in 2013 at the Dorcester hotel in London

‘What started out as a polo field, ostensibly for the occupiers and guests of Park Place without public access, has become a large elite professional sports facility that does not preserve the openness of the green belt and that also conflicts with the purposes of including the historic Park Place land within the green belt.’ He said that the expansion would lead to an increase in traffic on match days. ‘The noise and inconvenience this will generate for residents is obvious.

‘The development is entirely for the benefit of one man but causes inconvenience to all other residents and will impact upon the enjoyment by the residents of their land.’

Mr Borodin’s agents admitted that while the site is in the green belt, the plans ‘qualify as special circumstances’ as they relate to outdoor sport use.

The wealthy couple often attend events together such as the the Cash & rocket All Female Fundraising tour

They argue that it is essential to have grooms living on site. ‘Competing at the top level of any sport requires every possible advantage you can achieve.’

Mr Borodin allegedly wants to build an outdoor arena and a stable block which would accommodate 24 horses. The new stable would also allow him to accommodate up to 76 ponies.

The site is already home to another stable block which Wokingham council had granted him permission for last year, along with a practice area, polo field and pavilion. Last year’s application was approved subject to conditions including a limit on the number of matches played each year. An application for an accommodation block for grooms was refused last month.

Other residents Alex and Julia Wilks, of Remenham Hill, added: ‘We already encounter great noise disturbance 12 hours a day, seven days a week, from the management of the horses in the existing stable. Since the installation of the new stable block, the flies we endure in our house and garden have become a massive inconvenience.’

Plans which show the elevation scale of the developments at Park Place Stables in Henley

On January 17 this year an application was submitted to Wokingham Council for Park Place Stables, in order for the site to be granted permission for the erection of a replacement main entrance gate and a secondary gate into the stables.

Documents seen by the MailOnline detail the objections of the proposal.

Under ‘consultation responses’ the document states that there had been an initial objection to ‘WBC Tree and Landscape’, however it then stated that through submission on further details and the removal of a second gate, there had been no objection.

This planning document shows the proposal for a new gate and entrance which was made in January this year

It also stated that comments had been received from neighbours regarding issues relating to the brick pillars at the entrance to their property and queried that if this , is allowed, that they would be allowed brick pillars, as a ‘clear precedent’ would have occurred.  

Bordin’s wife Tatiana, is a former model and currently runs a wellness retreat in the Maldives.

She also founded a fashion brand  to provide the sort of stylish yoga/pilates/gym wear that can be seen at a yoga class, or donned by the elite during the school run.

Planning submission which was put forward at the end of January 2018

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