Gerrard Brilliantly Explains Why He Might Not Be The ‘Right Man’ To Replace Klopp

Gerrard Brilliantly Explains Why He Might Not Be The 'Right Man' To Replace Klopp

Steven Gerrard might not be the ‘right man’ to replace Jurgen Klopp.

That’s according to the man himself.

Jamie Carragher sat down with his ex-teammate and spoke about a bunch of topics including becoming manager of Liverpool F.C.

At the moment, it’s going pretty well at Anfield.

Liverpool are flying high in the Premier League, unbeaten and six points clear of nearest rivals, Spurs.

They boast ‘one of the best managers in the world’ per Gerrard.

“Liverpool have one of the best managers in the world and are flying high,” he told Telegraph.

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Gerrard, who became Rangers manager earlier in 2018, believes he doesn’t necessarily deserve the Liverpool hot-seat just because he was a successful player.

“Just because you have been a successful player does not mean you have the divine right to be next in the queue,” he explains.

“Just because you are popular with the fans it does not make you the right man to replace Klopp, if and when he goes. It is very presumptuous.”

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The 38-year-old isn’t viewing his managerial gig in Scotland as a stepping stone to Liverpool, either.

“It is also disrespectful to Rangers given the size of this club and everything they have gone through to just assume I have come here to learn and use it as a stepping stone to Liverpool.

“I do not see it like that, although that talk is something I cannot control.”

Meanwhile, Rangers are second in the Scottish Premier League and Gerrard’s no-nonsense approach has become a hallmark in his management style.

The Old Firm derby awaits Gerrard’s Rangers.

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