Google Allo Is Officially Dead –

Google announced back in December of last year that it will be shutting down its messaging app Allo. And the time has finally come: Google Allo is officially dead today.

Google is now displaying a message on the official Allo website announcing the official shutdown on the messaging app. Allo apps are still available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and the web app is still accessible. But when you try to log in as a new user, the OTP required to log in to the app takes ages to receive. Existing users will probably get kicked out sometime today.

Allo first launched back in 2016 along with Google Duo, the video chat counterpart of Google’s 2016 chat apps. Although Duo took off, Allo failed to catch any traction, and it just makes sense to shut the app down at this point. Google has, obviously, introduced another messaging app — Android Messages — and that’s the company’s main focus for now.

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