Hold Up, Does This Mean Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Are Back Together?

It looks like Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid might be getting back together after he posted a ~very~ interesting message on Twitter that suggests their split hasn’t lasted very long. 

Anyone emotionally invested in Zigi will know that these two have had an on and off relationship ever since their romance first began four years ago. 

The latest update was that they’d called time on their relationship in January after spending a few weeks apart in November.

The world assumed that their break-up was for real this time, but Z has now thrown a spanner in the works after firing off the following cute tweet from his account: “@GiGiHadid love you.”

Considering the message was deleted before Gigi could reply, we’re assuming it was either sent by accident or the couple didn’t like fans speculating about their relationship status in the comments section.

This comes as the 23-year-old clapped back at claims she’d been sleeping in someone else’s hotel room.

Just yesterday, a fan wrote: “Sooo gigi was leaving an hotel that isn’t the one she has been staying for the past couple of days,” as she replied that the reason behind this was a lot simpler than expected: “To buy myself jewelry.”

Until Zayn or Gigi comes forward to confirm a reunion, there’s still no knowing if they are or aren’t back together. While it definitely sounds like there’s a lot of love between them, this could be the one time where their break-up sticks for good.

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