India now has 7,987 active Covid-19 cases and 308 death toll

On Monday, the total number of coronavirus  tally in the country crossed the 9,000-mark with 9,152 cases. According to the Ministry of Health, India now has 7,987 active Covid-19 cases while as many as 856 patients have recovered or discharged. The coronavirus death toll in the country stands at 308.

In Maharashtra, the total number of coronavirus cases breached the 2,000-mark while the national capital inched towards the 1,500-mark.

Here’s a look at the statewise tally of coronavirus active cases, fatalities and recovered patients.


With 1,985 Covid-19 active cases, Maharashtra has registered the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. The state has recorded 149 deaths so far while 217 patients have recovered.

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Delhi closely follows with the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. As many as 1,154 people have tested positive of coronavirus in the national capital. 24 people have died from the infection while 27 people have made a recovery, as per the health ministry’s data.

Tamil Nadu

The southern state has the third-highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country which now stand at a whopping 1075. Tamil Nadu has seen 50 recoveries and 11 Covid-19 deaths.


Coronavirus cases in Rajasthan touched 804 on Monday. The state has reported 3 fatalities. 21 patients have recovered from the infection.

Madhya Pradesh

The state has reported 532 positive cases of coronavirus. 36 people have died from Covid-19 here.


504 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported from the state so far. 43 people have made a recovery from the virus while 9 people have died from Covid-19.

Uttar Pradesh

483 people have been infected from Covid-19 in the state. While 46 people have recovered from coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, 5 have died from the infection here.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state has registered 516 coronavirus cases and 44 recoveries so far. 25 people have died from the infection in the state.

Andhra Pradesh

The state has witnessed 427 positive Covid-19 patients and 11 cases of recovery. 7 people have died.


As per the health ministry, Kerala reported 376 coronavirus cases on Monday. Kerala has witnessed two deaths due to Covid-19 while 179 people have successfully recovered.


The state has recorded 232 Covid-19 cases and 6 deaths. 57 people have been cured and discharged.

Jammu and Kashmir

The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen the number of Covid-19 patients rising to 245. 4 people have died from the infection while 6 were cured.

Haryana and Punjab

The neighbouring states have 185 and 151 Covid-19 cases respectively. While 11 people have died in Punjab, Haryana has seen three deaths. 29 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Haryana, 5 in Punjab.

152 people have been affected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus in West Bengal. There have been 7 deaths and 29 recoveries in the state. Odisha has 54 Covid-19 positive patients, 12 have recovered while one person has died. In Bihar, 64 people have tested positive for coronavirus, one has died while 19 patients have recovered.

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Assam has reported 29 Covid-19 cases, one person has died. Uttarakhand has 35 coronavirus patients, five patients have recovered from the infection. In Chandigarh, 21 people have contracted the Covid-19 disease and 7 have recovered. Andaman has recorded 11 coronavirus cases, 10 have recovered. Chhattisgarh has recorded 31 cases of coronavirus and 10 people have recovered.

Ladakh has 15 patients, 10 people have recovered. Goa has reported seven cases of Covid-19 disease, five patients have recovered. Himachal Pradesh has 32 cases, one patient has died and 13 have recovered. Pondicherry has reported 7 cases, one has recovered. Jharkhand has 19 Covid-19 cases, 2 patients have died. Two coronavirus cases have been reported in Manipur, one has recovered. Tripura also has two Covid-19 patients.

tates and Union territories with just one positive Covid-19 case include Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram.

Sikkim, Meghalaya and Nagaland have not reported any Covid-19 case yet.

India on Monday entered the 20th day of the 21-day coronavirus lockdown which will come to an end on April 14 if not extended.

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