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December 26, 2018 | 7:35pm

Richard Johnson

Offset went all out to win back Cardi B on Christmas Day, bearing the ultimate gift, an Hermès Birkin bag.

In fact, he gave his estranged wife three of them in different colors.

After Cardi B dumped Offset three weeks ago for allegedly cheating on her (which he denied), the rapper crashed the stage at her LA concert to apologize and declare his love.

“Offset is bending over backwards to win her back,” Michelle Berk, who runs Privé Porter, the world’s largest reseller of rare Birkin bags, told me.

“He called me out of the blue. He said, ‘You’ve got to help me out. I’m in deep trouble.’ I said, ‘If you want to win her back, it’s got to be an alligator Birkin.’ ”

Offset was in Atlanta. Berk was home in Florida. But they learned they would both be in New York on Christmas Eve.

Offset met Berk at her suite at the Carlyle Hotel and picked out three Birkin bags, in lime, black and “rose candy” — at a total cost of $106,000.

When Offset gave them to Cardi the next day, “she was so ecstatic, she was crying,” Berk said. “Offset is a super nice guy. He sounds like he loves her a lot.”

The rapper also gave his wife several pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, some jewelry and two Chanel handbags.

The lavish gift-giving seems to have worked. The rekindled couple was said to be flying to Hawaii.

Cardi has a concert in Honolulu on Thursday, but I’m hearing this could also be a second honeymoon.

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