James Pattinson recalled by Strikers after run-out confusion

James Pattinson was given out by the third umpire Getty Images

Adelaide Strikers captain Colin Ingram withdrew a run-out appeal to allow Brisbane Heat batsman James Pattinson to continue batting during the opening game of the 2018-19 Big Bash League at the Gabba after Pattinson was given out by the third umpire despite clearly making his ground.

The Strikers appealed for a run-out against Pattinson in the 13th over of the match, with the Heat on 6 for 92. Pattinson was late to respond to a call from Jimmy Peirson for a single to short third man. He was forced to dive to try and beat Peter Siddle’s throw to Strikers keeper Alex Carey and the decision was referred upstairs to TV umpire Greg Davidson.

Pattinson looked to have clearly made his ground with the back of the bat sliding past the line when Carey broke the stumps.

But the decision on the big screen at the ground read “OUT” causing confusion amongst players and fans at the ground alike. Pattinson remained in the middle as the players on the ground had all seen the replay and assumed the incorrect button had been pressed for the graphics on the big screen. But after confirmation via radio to on-field umpire Simon Fry it was discovered that the TV umpire had in fact given Pattinson out, and that the decision would stand.

Pattinson started to walk off as Heat captain Chris Lynn and coach Daniel Vettori began a heated discussion with reserve umpire Donovan Koch on the sidelines. But Ingram saved everyone’s blushes by withdrawing the appeal and recalling Pattinson.

Carey was wearing a microphone and earpiece for broadcaster Channel Seven and confirmed at the end of the over that the Strikers had withdrawn the appeal.

“We could see on the big screen that James was in,” Carey said. “So we just told the umpire that we all acknowledge that he was in and free to bat on.

“It said on the big board that it was ‘out’ and Simon said the [decision] stays, so we said fair play, bat on. I’m not sure what was seen upstairs but no worries from us.”

Speaking during the innings break, Ingram told Fox Sports he was unsure whether he could withdraw the appeal but checked with umpire Fry.

“It was a unique scenario, I ended up chatting with Benny Laughlin, and he said what is the option with withdrawing the appeal, so the initial idea came from him,” Ingram said.

“We can all clearly see that it wasn’t out, you’ll look like an idiot on TV if it isn’t, but we’ve got to back what we saw and most of our boys were happy and just wanted to get on with the game.

“I didn’t know if it was an option or not. All we wanted to do was get the right decision. I thought maybe they’d pressed the wrong button or something like that. It was just part of the game today.”

Pattinson was stumped in the following over, for 4 off six balls, as Brisbane Heat struggled to 146 all out against the defending champions.

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