'Juve not global like Milan'

Milan President Paolo Scaroni claims his club ‘don’t even take notice of Juventus around the world’ because ‘we’ve won seven Champions Leagues.’

Milan are undergoing a period of modernisation under Elliott Management, and while Scaroni again underlined the need to raise turnover, he felt the Rossoneri had more global reach than Juve.

“I don’t want to come across as venal, but it’s all about money,” the 72-year-old told reporters.

“I’ll explain Milan’s problem right off the cuff: Milan turn over €200m and Real Madrid €700m. It means Real Madrid can buy better players and pay them more.

“For us to turn over €1bn, we have two mountains in front of us, which we need to climb at the same time: the first mountain is one of sporting results. If you lose all your games, you’re not going anywhere.

“The second mountain is economic results. We must have a new stadium, we must look for new sponsors, we must sell our TV rights as much as we can.

“We must go and get the attention of our fan base around the world and make sure they are receptive of our merchandise so we can increase our turnover.

“Milan don’t even take notice of Juve around the world. Milan are a global team because we’ve won seven Champions Leagues.

“Juventus are an Italian team because they’ve won so many Scudetti. Hats off to them because they’ve been great.”

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