Kendall Jenner Is Using Her Pet Snake As A Hair Accessory And We’re Shook

Kendall Jenner has kept well away from the all the drama currently going down in her family and has instead decided to spend a large bulk of her time hanging out with a brand new pet snake.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram Stories to share several videos of the albino California king snake chilling out in its terranium and even slithering around in her hair.

The caption of “my son” has led most people to conclude that the snake now officially belongs to her and she hasn’t just hired its company for one night only. Although that would also be a pretty badass move.

It’s not like the 23-year-old exclusively hangs out with serpent friends, with Kendall recently being pictured going on a cheesecake date with boyfriend and NBA basketball star, Ben Simmons.

The couple were first romantically linked last Summer, although their relationship was said to have cooled down fairly quickly. By November, she was back at his games and fans were accusing her of bringing the Kardashian curse on their team.

Still, an insider recently told Us Weekly that she, Ben, and their unofficial pet snake make something of an iconic trio: “Kendall and Ben have gotten very serious and are very into each other.

“They’re not serious to the point where they’d get engaged any time soon, but they’re really enjoying their relationship and love spending as much time as possible together.”

As fashion accessories go, we’re still not sure the snake hair scrunchie is one for us.

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