Kim Kardashian Wore The Bravest Outfit In The Face Of Sub Zero Temperatures

Kim Kardashian has proved that she’s literally sub-human after attending an event in freezing cold weather wearing possibly the skimpiest dress of all time. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star rocked up to the Thierry Mugler exhibition opening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada. For anyone not hot on their Geography, it’s pretty damn cold over there at this time of year.

The 38-year-old had two gorgeous AF looks for the occasion; the first of which was a sheer, one-shouldered gown with a tight gold corset cinching in her waist. The second was an equally chilly white mini-dress with a sweetheart neckline.

With the outdoor temperature being recorded at minus 9 degrees, fans were pretty surprised to see her walking the streets without even a jacket slung across her shoulders: “The girl is brave that’s all I can say, because with the wind right now it’s freezing.”

Another person from Montreal continued: “I don’t think she got the memo of our freezing weather cus sis showed up wearing this,” as someone else said that she was surprisingly talented at walking around in stilettos on thin ice.

“Gotta give props where they’re due; @kimkardashian in 6” heels and bare chested and bare legged when it’s -20C and the streets of Montreal are a literal ice rink. Bless.”

As much as we’re loving both these looks, we’re not sure if we’d have had the courage to leave our coat at home.

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